There are some updates to the Thrive Market situation since I last wrote. I got another email from the same person telling me again that I bought the non-gluten free plant nuggets, despite Thrive Market not even selling them and despite the obvious proof of my purchase history. When I got a “how was your experience?” survey I gave it 1 star and told them I was probably done with Thrive Market.

I also dealt with the other lost package. I gave it a week of being missing before contacting Thrive Market. In the meantime, I contacted lasership and they emailed me twice to say they couldn’t locate the shipment. Went though the usual dialogue with the order number, etc. with Thrive and got a refund set up. But when the refund email came, it was for the wrong order! I double-checked that I’d given them the correct order number and to be honest, I just don’t have it in me to contact them again.

I guess the 1 star survey and my comments got someone’s attention because last night I got an apology and $20 credit to my account. I didn’t want a credit. I didn’t even want a refund for the wheat nuggets. All I wanted was for them to correct the information on their site and not to try to gaslight me. I even told them that Daring had generously replaced the nuggets and again I didn’t need a refund.

Anyway, moving on. Going to take that refund and buy an instant cart membership. Can’t wait to try Aldi again!

A new cookbook!

It’s been hot as Hades all week so I’ve been trying not to heat up the kitchen to make lunch and dinner. I flipped through all the recipes and they look so good! I’m not much for mushrooms, but thankfully there weren’t too many recipes with mushrooms. We tried the butter chicken sauce with the paneer tofu and it was pretty tasty! Probably would have been better with the cashew cream but my blender can’t seem to get that smooth enough so I skipped it and added some extra coconut milk.

I can’t wait to try more of the recipes from this one! There are a ton of recipes and most all have a photo so this was worth the $23.50 on amazon. Once I try a few more recipes, I’ll do a review.