Amendment to Thrive Post

I wrote a couple of days ago about what’s going on with Thrive Market. I was hoping shopping hours would start at 9, but since they didn’t, I’m writing a blog post.

I placed an order on 3/26 while I was still pretty sick with whatever I had. I ordered dried lentils, canned lentils, canned pumpkin, lemon juice, oats, cinnamon, chickpeas, gluten-free flour, and a couple other things. Not a huge order and nothing super-important. I knew orders were delayed, so whatever.

I got the box a couple of days ago and let it sit in quarantine by the door. I got a notification that I’ll be getting another box today, so last night I figured I’d better unpack the first one. The box seemed small for my order, but I figured it was all packed in there somehow.

Opened the box and on top were my 2 bags of gluten-free flour. Under those was a box of Annie’s Cocoa Bunnies. I checked the delivery label to see if it was my box or…? Yup, mine. Kept unpacking and I got: Peanut butter in a jar, sunflower butter in a squeeze tube, blueberry jam, 3 jars of super fruit jam, wheat waffle mix, a small syrup, 2 boxes of o’s cereal, the cocoa bunnies, and that’s all I can remember. A squeeze tube of some other nut butter.

I was annoyed. Irrationally so, because I’m still in Karen-mode at Misfits Market. (If it we’re just me, I’d be fine. But they are still not communicating the delays very well and people are counting on their food boxes. Mine is so delayed at this point, I’m expecting 20 pounds of rotten produce.)

I tweeted and someone from Thrive sent me a dm. I started to deal with it there, but figured I’d better do it via their website. The chat seemed like a good place to start so I did that. It was fast, Ryan was friendly and helpful, and extra-patient. Somehow I kept hitting enter on my iPad before I was ready to, so he was getting half word replies from me. But in a few minutes I had a refund. It occurred to me afterwards that he didn’t even ask for a photo or any proof! He refunded everything (except for the gf flour). Now I can go try to replace what I can, given what we need now.

What will we do with the food? Ryan suggested donating it to a food bank, which is a good idea, except I’m not keen on going out. I think we can eat everything except the pancake mix. Whatever we don’t eat, I can donate to whomever collects for a food drive next. Thrive has a donation page, so I’ll donate to that.

I wonder who got my Thrive order and what they thought of it? 😂