Budget Bytes Salad Bar Lo Mein

Budget Bytes Salad Bar Lo Mein

It’s Monday, which means the kids have karate until late, which means I need to make dinner before we leave. Usually I pre-make a pizza crust and then all we have to do is throw toppings on it and dinner is ready in 15 minutes. But I can’t eat pizza (because of my inability to swallow bread) and 10 yo got excited the other night when she thought I was making stir-fry.

I made Budget Bytes Salad Bar Lo Mein with gluten-free noodles, broccoli, carrots, green bell peppers, bok choy, and green onions. This is a double batch because leftovers are a bonus!

I made a 12 ounce pack of gluten-free noodles and topped them with a bit of soy sauce and a tiny bit of the stir-fry sauce. I put them in a giant plastic container while I cooked the veggies.

I cook the broccoli and carrots first with the lid on, then add the bell peppers because I like them a little crunchy. Then add the bok choy last so it can just barely wilt.

After I’ve added the stir-fry sauce to the cooked vegetables, I poured everything on top of the noodles and put it all in the fridge. Now when we get home, all I have to do is reheat and serve!