Coronavirus – Time to Prepare?

I was going to write out a post on this, but I just spent the time I had set aside to do that with the Bluehost help desk. *big annoyed sigh* And now it’s about time for me to go make dinner, so I’ll try to keep my rambling short!

Are you doing anything to prepare for the Coronavirus outbreak? I’m in the United States and now that Trump has appointed Pence, I’m actually worried. And now Pence isn’t putting scientists on the task force or letting people make statements without him clearing them first. It’s starting to feel a little like North Korea or China here. And then what we do get bounces between “Democrats have done this to hurt Trump!” But also, Coronavirus is a hoax.

I think when people aren’t getting solid information, it makes us more fearful (and apt to fill in the blanks with wild theories). I’ve been watching the coronavirus news on twitter and it’s evolution has been *interesting*. First, it was Chinese people eating bats. Then it was “Just the flu” but also a biological weapon that China released to kill their aging population. Now it’s a Democratic plot but also not real.

But anyway, I am wondering what people are doing, if anything, to prepare. Will we get to the point of quarantines? I saw the CDC, I think it was, telling us to get 2-3 weeks of food, water, and medicines. Even if we aren’t quarantined, there could still be shortages of supplies in stores. Or, if you’re sick, you probably aren’t going to feel like going out to eat or to the grocery store. (Honestly, if you’re sick, stay home! You aren’t showing off how strong you are by infecting everyone else.)

I am glad that we aren’t on any medications, but the cat is, so I got her meds. Now I’m trying to get my oldest better from his mystery illness. (His nose never ran, but he’s had a fever and a cough.) I got the cat’s food and the gerbils their food and bedding.

If I can log in to bluehost again, I’ll try to post a list of my ideas for food and supplies. If I can’t log in later, I’m going to yeet my iPad off the deck.