Lazy Tomato Soup

Lazy Tomato Soup

A few nights ago I was mindlessly scrolling YouTube shorts when I saw someone making tomato soup by just putting tomatoes, onion, and garlic on a sheet pan. I thought “hey, I can do that!” and emailed the short to myself. After collecting more tomatoes than I can eat, I decided to try the “recipe” for myself.

And by lazy, I mean lazy. I started cutting all of the tomatoes but got bored and only ended up cutting the larger ones. After that, I roughly chopped an onion, and the top off a bulb of garlic (that’s what’s in the tin foil with a drizzle of olive oil). Then I added some olive oil, salt, pepper, and Italian seasoning to the tomatoes to make sure everything was covered. I think I roasted them at 400 degrees but I couldn’t tell you how long – maybe 30-45 minutes? How many tomatoes? I had enough to cover a sheet pan. On the YouTube video, she used much less tomatoes but added sun-dried tomatoes when she blended everything together.

After they looked done and there was a little bit of brown on the onions, I put everything, plus some fresh basil, in the food processor (after removing the roasted garlic from the skins). The original recipe called for sun-dried tomatoes, but I didn’t have any. I only wish I’d roasted two bulbs of garlic because I love garlic so much! I did have fresh basil from the garden, but I’m sure dried would be fine or even omitting it because the garlic and Italian seasoning adds a lot of flavor.

I added everything to a dutch oven and after tasting, I added more Italian seasoning and garlic powder. As it cooked, I added about half a can of coconut milk for some extra creaminess and that’s it!

I made this to go in the freezer so once it cooled down I put servings into containers for the freezer. There was a little left over and I had it with homemade focaccia bread for lunch yesterday. My tomato plants keep giving me more tomatoes and I refuse to let them go to waste. This coming winter I’ll still be eating tomatoes from my garden!