Ma Ma Wok

Ma Ma Wok

Did you know that there’s a vegan Chinese restaurant in Charlotte? And I don’t mean they have one or two dishes for vegans. I’m telling you they have roughly 80 things and they are ALL vegan dishes. I’m a little embarrassed to admit that personally, I’ve only eaten this curry stew. It’s so good! Sometimes I pine for it for days until I can go have it. I think it’s my favorite because of the sauce (obviously!) and because there’s so many things in it. There’s potatoes, tofu, vegan “chicken”, carrots, peas, celery, lentils, and the occasional random chickpea.

Curry Stew

My kids and husband have had the spring rolls, tofu black beans and rice, house mei fun noodles, General Tso’s, and my daughter’s current favorite is the broccoli with vegan “chicken”. I’m pretty sure that last one has gluten in the sauce, but I’ve eaten the curry with no ill-effects.

The staff is super-nice, too! Added bonus: they are open on Sundays!

Here’s the menu:

Have you tried Ma Ma Wok yet? What’s your favorite thing to eat there?