Mellow Mushroom Gluten-free Vegan Pizza

My kids have wanted to try Mellow Mushroom for a while now and last week we were in the area so I went in that afternoon to ask about their gluten-free vegan pizza option. I had already pre-made dinner for the night so I thanked them and said we’d try it this week. I was happy to learn that the crust didn’t have eggs, like I’d read online.

Yesterday I remembered the kids wanted to try MM pizza so I pre-ordered and told them I’d be back after their classes to pick it up.

First impressions: it’s small (I already knew it would be 10”) so it’s not going to feed a crowd. I didn’t eat any, so it was fine for DH and the kids to try it and then eat leftovers to have a full dinner.

It did have a lot of vegan cheese on it and they really liked that brand of vegan cheese (Follow Your Heart was the brand, I think?). I tried a bit of the cheese and it seemed fine (I don’t like cheese). I’ll see if I can find it in store.

They liked the gluten-free crust and the tomato sauce as well. I also ordered pepperoni on it, which was awkward because like, hey, I want vegan cheese but also meat. We’re getting there on the vegan thing as a family. The person that took my order didn’t even bat an eye, so that was nice. (Side note: I found vegan pepperoni! Maybe next time I’ll just order it without and use the vegan pepperoni I have at home.)

Cost was around $12, plus tip. It’s a viable option for the kids, but for 3 people I’d probably order 2 next time. I’m glad we got to try it and that the kids liked the Follow Your Heart vegan cheese.