On Second Thought

I wrote yesterday how I hoped Misfits Market would send me more eggplant and then I walked into the kitchen to see two of the red onions had gone bad. I usually buy onions and they can sit on the counter for a couple of weeks (or more) without any issue. Sometimes they’ll sprout and I still eat them. But these red onions were decomposing and it’s only been a week.

And I still have the 6 jalapeños I have no idea what to do with…

So I cancelled the next box. This isn’t to say that I won’t re-subscribe later but maybe now was a bad time for me. I’ll check the Misfits Market website and see how the boxes change based on the season. Maybe a different season would suit us better.

I think it’s gotten me out of a rut though! I’ll try to buy one new thing from the produce section when I’m at the store.