Sunday Thoughts

I’ve actually managed to be fairly productive today! Meal planning is done. I’ve got my first box from Thrive Market coming on Tuesday. I’ve got another box in the making via my phone. I’m saving a bit of money and I only had to pick up toilet paper and a couple things from the grocery store yesterday.

Yeah, I drink my tea with the bags in the mug. This deliciousness is Apricot Coconut Bars from Amy Chaplin’s cookbook. They are seriously good!

This past week we took stuff to Goodwill and took some books to the used bookstore. While we were there, we got some kids books and a book on gerbils.

We’ve been pondering gerbils vs. guinea pigs vs. hamsters for about a month now and we’ve finally decided on… gerbils! We just got back from PetSmart where we bought all the stuff for gerbils, but haven’t bought any gerbils yet.

With the help of the kids I cleaned out all the cabinets, the pantry, the fridge and the freezer. We found a few expired things and a handful that are expiring soon. I made lentil soup out of the lentils that expire next month. We used some shredded zucchini that was in the freezer for banana bread, which used up some chocolate chips. Food waste makes me nuts and I really try to keep up with what we have and when I need to use it up.

What else? I’m planning to delete instagram. I’ve been moderately creeped out by how my husband can tell me something and it shows up as sponsored posts. But this week it’s been a lot. He’ll mention a brand that I’ve never heard of, and then there it is, as an ad. I’m not googling these things and they aren’t being discussed via email. It’s too weird. On the plus side, I’ll be seeing you all more on here 🙂