Thrive Market

In my last post, I wrote about Misfits Market because I’m the most angry at how they are not communicating about deliveries. Now I’m going to talk about Thrive Market.

I’ll start by saying I’m LESS mad at Thrive. Starting back in March, orders were delayed and they started putting limits on certain items. This is reasonable. The estimated delays are right there on their site. Fine.

I’ve been less thrilled with the limited shopping hours though. I understand WHY they did it, but the hours vary each day. Sometimes I find them opening at 9 am EST, sometimes it’s at noon. I don’t go on every day to check, but if I needed to plan my shopping around a schedule, I don’t think I could. They also close at varying times. One day it closed at 1, another day was at 4, I think. They are giving you a 30 minute warning if you are in the middle of shopping. That’s something.

Orders still seem to be delayed by 2 weeks. Today I got a notification that the order I placed on 4/03 just shipped. It’s missing at item, but they refunded me for it.

I see they are still offering a free month trial. That would be fine in normal times, but if the company is overwhelmed, maybe that shouldn’t be offered now? If you sign up for a month, you could get one order delivered before your trial is up. It also feels like they are trying to take on new customers at the expense of longer-term members. I’m glad they are attracting folks, but if you can’t handle the demand, maybe have a wait list?