Thrive Market Frozen Foods, flax bread, and a cookbook question

Thrive Market Frozen Foods, flax bread, and a cookbook question

Did you know that Thrive Market sells frozen foods? I’ve been meaning to try it for a while now and this week there is a 25% off sale on plant-based items, including the frozen section. I took that as my sign to try it out and ordered the $120 minimum in order to also get free shipping.

I got mostly lunch stuff for my kids. I think lunch is our least favorite meal now. Breakfast is pretty easy, I eat baked oatmeal and the kids have waffles, toast, or energy bites whenever they get up. I make dinner for all of us on the weekdays and my husband cooks on the weekend. But lunch? Lunch feels like an annoying interruption. I either have a salad or leftovers because I don’t want to think about it. My kids like Dr. Praeger’s veggie burgers and we recently discovered Daring “chicken” nuggets.

From left to right, Dr. Praeger’s American burgers – they’re pretty good, but a little on the heavy and oily side for me. Same with the kale burgers, but they’re less heavy. Just Egg – we’ve never had these but thought they would be nice to try. The Oatmeal Littles – got those for the nostalgia factor. We used to buy something similar from Sprouts. The potstickers – these are vegan and actually gluten-free, so I can’t wait to try these! Daring nuggets – lots of these because they were on sale and much cheaper than anywhere else I’ve seen them.

I think these shipped in a day and when they arrived, there were two packs of dry ice on top and a regular ice pack on the bottom. There was insulation padding surrounding the whole box and everything was still perfectly frozen! It’s hot as hades here now so I was pleasantly surprised.

Flax Bread

Have you ever seen the “only # ingredient flax bread” recipes? I saw them a while back and I remember watching a YouTuber test it. I had a bag of flax meal just past its “best by” date and figured I had nothing to lose. I found this recipe and half-followed it. I didn’t blend my flax meal into a finer flour. I used the whole bag and guesstimated the rest of the ingredients, and I tried to make mine into mini-loaves.

As you can see, I was pretty messy. They turned out fine! I’m not sure I’d make these every day because they’re kinda heavy, but it was a good way to not waste a bag of flax meal. They’re crusty on the outside and nice with a bit of vegan butter. I’ve been slicing them in half and pairing with my lunch salad.

Cookbook Question

Do any of y’all have Vegan Richa’s new Instant Pot cookbook? I’m trying to decide whether to buy it. If I do, I’ll review it here.

Alright, y’all stay cool and safe out there!

EDIT: Just realized these Daring nuggets aren’t gluten-free. I ordered the gluten-free nuggets and this wheat one isn’t even listed on their site. I nearly asked my kids to share, which would have been bad since I’m allergic to wheat. Thankfully my youngest child double-checked the label. I have contacted Thrive Market and hopefully they’ll change the listing.