Thursday Thoughts

China Study

I’m about 50 pages out from finishing the original China Study book. I didn’t realize there was an updated version until about halfway through, but this is the book I happened to find at the library book sale for a quarter.

Anyway, I’m super glad I read it, even if it’s the old version. There is a TON of good information in it. Maybe almost too much information? I was thinking that it’s written more for people who have a better understanding of nutrition or who are doctors or researchers. I guess I feel like the average person, like me, is going to have some trouble absorbing all of the terminology. Admittedly, I skimmed over some parts of it looking for the main takeaway.

There almost needs to be a Cliff Notes version. But maybe not, because if you make a claim like “soda is bad for you”, then people want to see the science behind it. I dunno.

Food Photography vs. Focus On Recipes

I’ve been thinking more about my food blogging style here. Y’all see my photography. It’s not going to win any awards, but you know what? This is what the results actually look like. It’s not styled, or in the perfect lighting, or photographed with a professional camera. I read about food photography and my photos will probably get better but my focus is the recipe, not the photography.

Sometimes I wonder if the Pinterest-level photographs should be a separate subject from recipes. There’s a lot of skill and time that goes into that level of food photography. And I wonder if seeing that outcome intimidates people from trying recipes. If you see someone’s gorgeous kitchen, and they have eleventy gadgets, and seemingly endless time to style a finished product… if you feel like you can’t match that, are you as apt to try?

Maybe that’s just me. But it’s something I am working on because I put off serious food blogging because I don’t have a Pinterest kitchen. And I don’t have hours to style a food item, get the lighting just right, then edit the photos. I’m lucky if I remember to snap a quick photo on the way to the table. So, yeah. I appreciate food photography but my focus is getting dinner on the table and sharing the recipe with y’all.