Tik Tok/Dalgona Coffee

I think I saw this one on Tik Tok before I deleted the app, but we were on YouTube looking for a video on how to make boba (more on that later) and saw the “Tik Tok coffee”. I love coffee so that had to happen.

We were able to buy instant espresso in a smallish jar, so that’s what we used. The recipe seems to be equal amounts of instant coffee, sugar, and hot water. For me and the kids (it was lunch time so any effects of caffeine would wear off) we mixed 3 tablespoons of each ingredient and it was plenty. We used a wire whisk and each of us had a go at mixing. It didn’t take long at all!

I told the kids mixing by hand BUILDS CHARACTER!

We added ice cubes to almond milk and topped with the dalgona Tik Tok Coffee foam. I put a few tablespoons of the foam in the freezer because we were curious how it would be frozen. (I haven’t checked yet.)

The verdict: it’s super easy to make, even by hand. It’s delicious! Once mixed with milk, it has a tendency to separate though if you leave it sitting. I think I drank all of mine before that had a chance to happen more than once. It tastes like coffee ice cream and if you’re not going out or looking to save money, it’s a good replacement for an iced latte. Two thumbs up on this recipe! (Kids barely noticed any effects from the espresso.)

The boba… what a disaster! We watched videos and looked at recipes and then watched more videos. What we got was sugary oobleck. If you tried to form balls, it crumbled, if you let it sit, it turned into a puddle of oobleck. I don’t recommend this one, at least not yet.