Welcome, Future Vegans!

I haven’t been out but I’ve read about the shortages of eggs, milk, and meat at stores. I’m sure part of it was panic buying, just like with flour, yeast, and baking soda. (Among other staples – what’s hard to find where you are?)

But some of it probably also has to do with supply change issues. Demand has dropped because restaurants aren’t ordering, but supply hasn’t been directed to stores for consumers to buy. There’s also been concern about the delivery system, like what is truck drivers get sick? And what happens when grocery store workers get sick?

Now meat processing plants are closing because many workers are getting infected with Coronavirus. If the packing plants shut down, there’s almost definitely meat shortages looming. Not any one meat, but it’s going to be all meats. And did you know that there’s bird flu in a turkey flock in SC? I can’t get embedded links to work so here It is https://www.pbs.org/newshour/health/industry-scrambles-to-stop-fatal-bird-flu-in-south-carolina

However, we can live and do very well without meat! If you are concerned about protein, there are plenty of vegan sources (and you really don’t need as much protein as you’ve been led to believe). With meat shortages looming, now is time to figure out what you are going to eat and start learning how to cook it now.

I have a few recipes on here and my favorite cookbooks listed in the Resources section. If you are genuinely interested in learning what to eat and how to cook it, I’m willing to try to help. Leave a comment here or find me on Twitter @thriftyveganeat!